Payment on Account

You need to pay an employee at the end of the month, but you don't have local cash, or you're simply not there.

Use your credit card and will pay your employee:
- in cash
- in mobile credit (Airtel, MTN Momo, Mpesa etc..)
- credit your employee's salary card
- other form(s) of mandate (

Immediate payment
Empploy takes 10% of penalties and care to cover the disbursements and the routing fees.
Example : you have to pay 150 000 FCFA to your employee, you pay 150 000 x 1,1 = 165 000 FCFA

Payment at 30 days, 15% for care and support. Amount x 1.15
Payment at 60 days, 25% penalty and care. Amount x 1.25

You pay in the currency of your card in EUR or FCFA without exchange fees.

Contact us for any additional information.

1,000.00 $ 1000.0 NAD 1,000.00 $

1,000 FCFA

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