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Africa has 1.3 billion inhabitants, 60% of whom are under the age of 30. 

Africa is the future. It's the birthplace of startups, it's revolutionizing digital transformation, and this digital force is going to transform Africa as quickly and efficiently as possible.

While digital technology is opening up opportunities in terms of jobs, growth and the provision of essential services to populations, it is also becoming the new sphere of influence for the world's major powers, raising major issues, particularly in terms of sovereignty. It's to this crucial question that this forum and the EMERGING Valley white paper, published by Le Point Afrique, contribute their answers.

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Digital innovation at the service of an Afro-European community of destiny

EMERGING Valley is convinced of this. On a continent of over a billion inhabitants, where the needs of the population are considerable, digital entrepreneurship appears to be both a means of creating one's own business and an indispensable means of providing essential services to the most fragile populations. It represents a response to global challenges, and is seen by many as one of the keys to reinventing the relationship between Africa, France and Europe. 

Empploy.com is largely inspired by the dynamics of e-services and/or smart services, which are booming in Africa.

Visit the Emerging Valley website https://www.emergingvalley.co/ 

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