Empploy en Namibie

Empploy.com se prépare à être déployé en Namibie et l'ensemble des Due Diligences pays spécifiques sont connues. 

Nous lançons en Janvier 2024 la solution pour l'Afrique Australe.

Empploy in Gabon and Congo

The Empploy website is completely redesigned, with a multilingual, multicountry and multicurrency approach.

We launch in February 2022 the solution for Central Africa.

Empploy in Kenya

A BPM named Merlin - business process management software - is starting to appear on the web, and a market test is launched in Kenya.

Empploy254 integrates Mpesa Pesapal as a payment solution to the platform. This "test" version allows domestic workers to be hired in Kenya with NSSF and KRA (Kenyan Revenue Authority) affiliations digitally integrated.


Beta testing is starting with the first developments in Kenya.

"Empploy" as a trademark is registered at the INPI.

les 2 "P" pour "EmPower the EmPloyers" (le pouvoir des employeurs)


Working in HR in Gabon (8 years), Congo and many other countries, the idea of a platform for the digitalization of HR processes in Africa is in germination.

"One Click Employment Solution for Africa"